How to enable comments and/or ratings for assets

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'

This article describes the how to configure Asset Bank to enable users to add comments to and/or rate assets, or to vote for assets (for example if you want to set up a photo competition).

If you want users to be able to submit comments against assets, change the setting (in ApplicationSettings/properties):


If you want users to be able to add more than one comment per asset, change:


If you want users to be able to rate assets, for example by chiosing a rating of 0-5 (the default), change:


To change the default (0-5) rating range, change:


If comments=true or rating=true then when you edit a group's folders (Admin->Groups->Folders) you will see a 4th column in 'Advanced Permissions' ('Review/rate items'). To enable a group to review/rate assets in a particular folder check the checkbox in this column. Admin users will be able to review/rate a particular asset if it is in an folder that at least one of the groups is allowed to review/rate.

Please note that the Review/Rate permission does not inherit down to sub-folders. This means that you need to make a sub-folder have unique permissions rather than inheriting. This enables you to set the Review/Rate option, which means that it will display on the relevant pages for you to use. You will need to ensure any additional sub-folders you add with the Ratings enabled are set up in this way also.

You need to make sure that the 'Average Rating' attribute is part of the View/Edit Display Attributes (Admin->Attributes->Display Attributes->View/edit) - otherwise the rating and 'Submit review' link will not show.

Note that the link 'Submit review' is content-manageable, i.e. you can change the text of this link.

If you want to use the ratings as a vote system, change:


This will:

  • Replace the series of stars with a single 'vote for this asset' link.
  • Replace the average rating attribute with a voting attribute and the average rating search with a 'number of votes' search.
  • Prevent users from submitting comments (i.e. so the comments=true setting will be ignored ifratings-are-votes=true)

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