Combine PDF assets when downloading

This article describes how to configure your Asset Bank so that users can download PDF assets in their Lightbox as a single "combined" PDF file.

If the functionality is enabled in your Asset bank the users downloading their Lightbox will see a 'Combine PDFs' checkbox when downloading a Lightbox which contains two or more PDFs.

When the checkbox is ticked the PDF assets will be combined into a single combine.pdf file and added to the Lightbox zip file (if the Lightbox contains PDF assets only then the users will download the combined file rather than the zip).
Asset Bank will maintain the order of the Lightbox when combining the files so changing their order will effectively change the resulting combined file.

Please note that when PDF type is listed in the 'direct download' setting (direct-download-file-types) the same option box will appear on the lightbox page if the lightbox only contains two or more PDF assets.

To enable this functionality you would need to change the following setting in the file:


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