Choosing Attributes for Asset Types - When to Enable a Separate Attribute List for each Asset Type

Asset Bank has two ways that attributes can be configured for asset types:

  1. The attribute checkboxes on the Edit Asset Type page.
  2. Per-asset-type display attribute groups, enabled by pressing the "Enable a separate attribute list for each Asset Type" button on the View or Edit tabs of the Display Attributes page (this was added in version 3.1574).
You may be wondering which of these to use. Usually the first, the attribute checkboxes on the asset type page, suffices and is simpler to use.
The second way, separate attribute lists for each asset type, is more complicated but allows the following to be done:

  • display the attributes in a different order for different asset types,
  • show different attributes one the view and edit screens for an asset type (you might want to do this if you wish to preserve imported some data from another system but do not want to make those attributes editable for newly added assets).

When per-asset-type attribute lists are enabled, the overall attributes available for an asset type are still controlled by which attributes are selected on the Edit Asset Type page. If an attribute is not selected on the Edit Asset Type page then it will not be available on the display attribute group pages for that Asset Type. You can think of the checkboxes on the Edit Asset Type page as defining the attributes that are available for the asset type, and the display attribute groups as defining where and how they should be displayed.

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