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Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'
On the homepage and the browse pages, categories are, by default, listed with bullet points. It is however possible to show a thumbnail instead. If you go to Admin > Categories and click edit next to one of the categories you will see an Add image field - simply use this to specify a thumbnail for that category.
If you then go back to Browse you should be able to see that that category is now shown next to its thumbnail. You will also notice that all the other categories at that level are now shown next to a generic folder icon. If you navigate into a category that has sub categories you will see that all categories at this sub level are once again displayed with bullet points. This is because no categories at this level have a thumbnail defined.

What if I always want all categories at every level to be shown with a folder icon instead of bullets?

As of version 3.1478 and above their is a new setting:
Simply set this to true to always show icons instead of bullets. Note that this also applies to folders, and you can continue to specify a thumbnail for any category which will override the folder icon.

Advanced configuration

There are a few further settings related to how categories and their thumbnails are displayed:
# Thumbnails for category images:
These control the size of the thumbnails displayed next to categories. Note that increasing these will nearly always require manual updates to your css to cope with the new sizes.

Having text appear below larger homepage images

Set this to true to show the thumbnail above the category name instead of to the left of it. This works best when you increase the thumbnail size using the settings above. Again, this generally necessitates changes to your css to cope.
If set to true then set the following,
# Thumbnails for category images:

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