Adding a Brand to an Organisational Unit


This article contains step-by-step instructions for adding a new 'brand' to an Organisational Unit. The brand functionality allows an Org Unit to have a unique look and feel (logo, colour scheme etc) associated with it.


Create a Brand

Set up an organisational unit

  • In your browser, login to Asset Bank as an admin user

  • Select 'Org Units' from the admin menu

  • Click to add a new org unit

  • The name of the org unit should be something descriptive such as the company name of the client

  • A storage quota can also be set should you wish to restrict the amount of space that the client can use

Link the new organisational unit to the new brand

  • In your browser, login to Asset Bank as an admin user

  • Select groups from the admin menu

  • Locate the two groups associated with the new org unit

  • Click edit besides the group for admin users of the new org unit

  • From the brand drop down select the newly created brand

  • Repeat this for the second group for users of the new org unit

Test the new brand

  • Create a new user (Admin -> Users -> Add a new user) and assign them to the new org unit by adding them to one of the two new groups.

  • Login as the new user

  • Verify that the new look and feel is displayed

  • You can go back and edit your new stylesheet again, but remember to put any changes live by going to Admin -> System -> Developer and clicking the Overwrite button.

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