Is it possible to automatically delete users that haven't used Asset Bank recently?

There is functionality in Asset Bank which automatically deletes user accounts if they haven't been used for a certain period of time. The user is sent a warning email stating that they must click a link in the email to prevent their account from expiring. This functionality is designed to work for Asset Bank user accounts only and does not work with remote accounts such as those that have been synchronised with Active Directory.

This functionality is disabled by default and should be used with caution. User accounts will be completely removed from the system and may be unrecoverable.

To use this functionality you should specify the number of days after which a user should receive a warning that their account will be deleted with the setting "verify-users-inactive-for". E.g. setting this as 30 will email any users that haven't logged in for 30 days warning that their account will be deleted if they do not take action.

The second setting "verify-users-reactivation-period" specifies the amount of days a user has to click the link in the email before their account is permanently deleted. We recommend setting this to at least 14 days to give users sufficient time to click the link.

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