Automatic Registration Approval via Brand/Email

Details of how to configure a particular function which when the user selects certain brands and has a particular associated email, they are automatically approved after registration.

When an Asset-Bank has different brands, and a user base that requires a significant amount of administration when it comes to user approval, this function allows the admin to specify email domains which are automatically approved for a particular domain.

There are a lot of settings that enable or disable various features of this functionality;

For the functionality to initially work you need to have specified in your;

  • multiple-brands=true
    This effectively turns the basic brands functionality on.
  • automatic-brand-registration=false
    This setting does something similar, but achieves it automatically, without the user making the brand choice, and hence needs to be "false".
  • users-can-register-without-approval=true
    If this is false, then all users would never automatically be approved, thus invalidating the function.
  • external-users-can-register-without-approval=false
    If this is true, then all users would be automatically approved, thus invalidating the function.
You'll also need to configure the brand groups so that they are available on the registration page. You can enable this for a specific group by editing it and ticking 'Users can select group on registration'. See the group help for more information on this control.

Once these settings are as above, the database would need to be modified to include the valid email domains in the Brand table. The brand table has a column called "emaildomains". For each brand, you can specify an ordered list, as the examples below;

  • .com
With specifying the @ symbol, the matching process will match any email address that ends in those letters. For example "" would match "" or "'".

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