How can we tell which assets have incomplete metadata?

Asset Bank supports the concept of 'completeness' for assets, i.e. a way to determine whether or not an asset record is complete.

This can be useful in a number of situations, including allowing you to find and complete the metadata for assets that were inserted during a 'bulk upload'.

Incomplete assets can optionally be hidden from users who cannot themselves edit the metadata. This provides a way to ensure that assets have the minimum data you deem necessary before they are retrieved and used.

To make use of these features you first need to decide which metadata attributes must contain values in order for an asset to be deemed 'complete'.

To specify that an attribute is required for completeness, go to Admin->Attributes and click 'Edit' next to the attribute. Then select either the 'Mandatory' or 'Required for Completeness' checkbox and save the attribute. Note that the difference between these 2 options is that missing 'mandatory' data will actually prevent an asset record from being saved, whereas missing 'required' data will not.

When specifying search criteria (on the Advanced Search, Batch Update and Bulk Update pages) you can now optionally select whether to find assets that are complete or incomplete. For example, you could start a batch update to update all assets that are still incomplete.

Using the settings below (in the file) you can opt to hide incomplete assets from users who do not have the permission to edit asset records, and/or to highlight incomplete assets that are shown in browse and search results pages (a dashed border is used to highlight incompleteness). There is also a setting to remove the 'completeness' search criteria from the Advanced Search page if required.

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