Asset Bank is not sending alert emails

This article describes some common problems when integrating Asset Bank with an SMTP server on your network.

1. Check the SMTP settings in <tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\classes\, and ensure they are correct for your network SMTP server:

# The SMTP server for outgoing emails:

# SMTP PORT (leave blank for default 25)

# SMTP authentication username (leave blank for no authentication)

# SMTP authentication password (optional)

* emailSMTP should be the DNS name or IP address of your SMTP server.
* emailSMTPUsername and emailSMTPPassword should be entered if your SMTP server requires authentication.
* Asset Bank may not be able to connect to SMTP servers that only allow authentication via Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA) protocol.

2. Check to see if there is a firewall blocking the connection - communication from Asset Bank to the SMTP server must be allowed on the SMTP port (usually 25).

You can check if the SMTP server is accessible from the Asset Bank server using the provided details, using the following methods:

a) For windows servers, open Outlook Express and send a test message.

b) Try the telnet client, eg using the following on the command line: telnet 25

These tests must work before Asset Bank will be able to connect.

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