Asset Bank API

The API functionality allows external applications to connect to Asset Bank to perform searches and retrieve assets.

NOTE: The API is an Enterprise Level feature. Please contact us to ensure you are licensed to use this. We are happy to provide help to your developers in their use of the API - we charge for this on a T&M basis.


Asset Bank's REST API is described in this document: REST API v1.3.8.

The URL of your REST API will be the URL of your Asset Bank (including the webapp name) plus /rest, for example: http://yourassetbank/asset-bank/rest

The API functionality can be restricted to only allow connections from certain clients (i.e. the applications calling it), based on their IP address. This option should be used when the Asset Bank server is accessible from the internet to prevent unauthorised requests. We recommend that you only allow access to the API from machines that are used only as servers, and not as web-browsing clients, to avoid the risk of CSRF attacks. If required the API functionality can be configured so that Asset Bank allows connections from any client, however this should only be used if the Asset Bank server is within a private network.

The settings to enable the API are:

api-restrict-by-ip=[set to true or false, true recommended unless you want anyone with network access to have write access to your asset bank]
api-allowed-ip-addresses=[comma separated list of ip addresses]

In Asset Bank's later than 3.1723 then the API application settings have been moved inside the application and can be changed without the need for an application restart by going to:

Admin > System > REST API Settings

We may introduce additional authentication methods such as OAuth 2.0 in a future release of Asset Bank. This will work alongside the existing IP whitelist.

Direct Link Cache

The 'direct link cache' enables clients (which can be browsers) to call a URL that converts and returns an image based on request parameters. This can be used to display images resized to particular requirements. See Direct Link Cache

Deprecated XML API

Before the REST API was implemented, Asset Bank provided a XML-based API. We still support this for clients who started using it before our REST API became available, however we do not recommend it is used for new projects.

See Deprecated XML API for more details.

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