Advanced viewing assets

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'

Advanced viewing enables assets and groups to be defined as advanced viewing. The assets that are then tagged with this flag can be seen by advanced viewing groups of users even if the asset is unapproved.

Note, these assets are still affected by permissions. I.e. a user group that only has visibility over folder X that also has advanced permission activated, will only be able to see advanced permission assets in this particular folder.

To enable it set the following setting to true in

A new Advanced Viewing checkbox will be added to:

Admin > Groups > Group [edit] page, "Advanced viewing of unapproved assets"

and to the edit asset page, "Advanced viewing when unapproved?".

When an asset is marked as advanced viewing it means it can be seen by users from groups that have been marked as advanced viewing even when the asset is unapproved. This is a view only permission, they will not be able to download these assets.

The "Advanced Viewing" checkbox will also appear on the bulk update metadata entry pages so that a large group of assets can have this flag set at once. I.e. either during Bulk Upload or later via Bulk Update.

Please note; only Admin users of Asset Bank will be able to mark assets as advanced viewing.

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