Step-by-step instructions, for adding a new 'brand' to Asset Bank

Step-by-step instructions, for adding a new 'brand' to Asset Bank

A brand can be linked to a standard Group. When activated, the brand functionality allows you to have a different logo and colour scheme for different groups. When a user logs in, the brand they see will reflect the group they are a member of.

Please note, you cannot have different watermarks per brand. If this is an issue, then you can generate a 'generic' watermark to replace one based on a specific logo.

Also note that after setting up brands, users will see the default logo and colour scheme unless they are a member of a group for which brands are set up. Admin user accounts are unaffected by group memberships so they will always see the default look and feel.


1/ Create the colour scheme and logo

  • When creating a logo for the brand, we recommend you save the image file as a gif and ensure it is less than 300px wide and around 80px high. (For reference, the Asset Bank logo is 140px by 57px). Save the logo file into the following location in the customise directory: [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/images/standard/
  • Within the customise/css/standard/ directory create a new stylesheet by taking a copy of colour-scheme.css and rename it to something relevant (e.g. scheme-acme.css).
  • Using a text editor or a css editor you can now edit your new stylesheet to reflect the colour scheme of your new brand (Note you will need to know the HEX values of the colours you want to use).
  • The css rules will have a comment describing what they apply to, so just insert your new colours into whichever rules you choose until you are happy with the results.
  • Once you have a logo and css file in place, copy them into the main application using the 'overwrite' function in Asset Bank. (Log in as an Admin user, the go to Admin > System > Developer and click the Overwrite button).
  • (The following steps describe how to test your new brand so you can view your stylesheet in action).

2/ Set up a group

  • Open up the Asset Bank settings file (located at [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/classes/
  • Search for the string ‘multiple-brands‘
  • Change this to true
  • Restart the Asset Bank application or Tomcat service.
  • Login to Asset Bank as an admin user
  • Select 'Groups' from the admin menu
  • Click to add a new group
  • The name of the group should be something descriptive such as the company name of the client
  • If you want users to be able to select their brand on registration, tick 'Users can select group on registration'. See the group help for more information on this control

3/ Set up the brand in the database

  • Open the 'Brand' table from the Asset Bank database
  • Add a new row to it, specifying the following for each column:
  • Name - the name of the client e.g. New Client
  • Code - an abbreviation for the name containing no spaces e.g. new_client
  • CssFile - the name of the CSS file created in step 1 e.g. scheme-acme.css
  • LogoFile - the name of the logo file created in step 1 e.g. new_logo.gif
  • LogoWidth - the width of the logo in pixels e.g. 80
  • LogoHeight - the height of the logo in pixels e.g. 80
  • LogoAlt - Alternative text for the logo e.g. Logo for new client
  • ContentListIdentifier - set this as NULL as it is no longer supported

4/ Link the new group to the new brand

  • Login to Asset Bank as an admin user
  • Select 'Groups' from the admin menu
  • Locate the group you created in step 2
  • Click 'edit' for the group you created in step 2
  • From the brand drop down select the newly created brand

5/ Test the new brand

  • Register a new user and assign them to the new group
  • Login as the new user
  • Verify that the new look and feel is displayed

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