Note: When customising your Asset Bank, it is important to copy any jsp, image or css files that you have modified (with their existing directory structure) into the '[tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/' directory. This ensures that when you perform a system update, your own customised files are not overwritten.

However, any changes to and components.xconf should not be placed in the customise directory as they are merged automatically by the system during an upgrade.

For a detailed explanation of what you can customise in Asset Bank please read our customisable features page.

1. General Configuration

Most configuration changes can be made by editing the config file: [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/classes/
This file contains comments, which explain what each of the settings means, and how to change it.

2. Changing the Copy

You can change the copy (i.e. text) that appears on many of the pages by using the content manager in the Content section of the Admin area.

Within the content section is a button to 'turn edit mode on'. When this is switched on you can browse the application in the normal way and select specific pieces of text to edit by clicking on the accompanying edit icon.

There are some items such as button text and javascript messages that cannot be edited in this way. These can be found and edited via the content areas list in the content section.

3. Editing the system generated emails

Asset Bank uses templates to define the contents of the emails that it sends. To edit the templates, login in to your Asset Bank as an administrator and go to Admin->Content (in the menu). Then click on the link 'Email Templates'.

4. Changing the Look & Feel

Note: We do not advise that you change the CSS style sheets unless you have some experience of HTML and CSS. If you do change the CSS yourselves then whenever you are upgraded, your changes may need to be checked and modified by us at additional cost to ensure that they are compatible with the latest version.

You can change the look & feel of Asset Bank by editing the css. To aid customisation, a special style sheet has been created, called colour-scheme.css, that enables users to easily modify the appearance of Asset Bank. It is the last stylesheet called on every page, meaning it is possible to override css rules in the default Asset Bank stylesheets.

There are usually two copies of colour-scheme.css in an Asset Bank installation:

  • The live version here: [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/css/standard/colour-scheme.css
  • The backup version, within the 'customise' directory, here: [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/css/standard/colour-scheme.css

If your customise directory is empty then you will need to create the necessary folder structure within it and copy in your customise files. Read more about the 'customise' directory »

If you make changes to colour-scheme.css, then it is best to make your changes to the backup version and apply these changes using the 'Overwrite' button (see step 7 below). If you do edit the live colour-scheme.css for convenience then make sure you also copy your changes to the backup version in the customise directory. The reason for this is to prevent your customisations being overwritten during a system upgrade (a process that involves automatically replacing the live colour-scheme.css with the backup version.

5. Changing the Logo

As with colour-scheme.css, the files that allow you to customise the logo are also backed up in the customise directory so that customisations can be automatically re-applied after an upgrade.

So, to change the logo:

  1. Copy your logo graphic into the following location: [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/images/standard/
  2. Open the following file in a text editor:
    [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager- config/updater/customise/jsp/standard/en/customisation/logo_link.jsp;
    Then simply update the <img> tag accordingly.
  3. Apply your changes using the system developer tool.

6. Changing the watermark

To change the watermark:

  1. Create your new watermark with a transparent background and a solid white foreground.
  2. Save it as a png file, called 'watermark.png'.
  3. Copy this file into the following location, overwriting the existing watermark.png:
    [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager- config/updater/customise/images/standard/
  4. Apply your changes using the system developer tool.

7. Applying your changes

Assuming you have made your changes within the customise directory of asset bank ([tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/) then you can apply them as follows:

  1. Login in to Asset Bank as an admin user.
  2. Go to Admin -> System -> Developer
  3. Click the 'Overwrite' button to copy across your customised files into the main application.
  4. Go to the home page and refresh your browser. Your customisations have been applied.