Security Vulnerability Management and Disclosure Policy for Asset Bank

Bright Interactive is committed to fixing serious security vulnerabilities promptly and carefully.

In order to protect our customers we ask that vulnerabilities be disclosed responsibly and reported to us in confidence so that we have the opportunity to investigate them and if necessary release a fix before the vulnerability is disclosed publicly.

How to Report a Security Issue

Please email

Please provide enough detail to allow us to reproduce and investigate the issue quickly, including:

  • Step by step instructions to reproduce the issue

  • Affected version

  • Affected configuration (e.g. operating system, browser, other software involved, settings)

Our response

When we receive a vulnerability report we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the vulnerability report.
  • Investigate the report.
  • If necessary, develop a fix for the vulnerability.
  • When security fixes are released, notify subscribers to our security mailing list.

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