Meet the Asset Bank team


Meet Ross Davidson, Sales

What Asset Bank is?

Well it’s a software package that falls under the family of Digital Asset Management. Helping companies to manage their Digital Assets - images mainly but any file that needs to be shared and monitored.

Meet Warren Francis, Customer Support

I think of it as a bit of a magic box, everything goes into, pictures, videos, files, documents, that kind of thing.

Meet Martin Wilson, Director

Well over ten years ago there wasn’t much you could buy off the shelf, we thought here’s a gap in the market, and started to develop Asset Bank, our thought process at that time was these very large global multi-nationals need Digital Asset Management, fairly soon everyone’s going to need Digital Asset Management, and that did prove to be the case.

Back to Warren Francis

So many customers have got so many different ways of using it.

Back to Martin Wilson

The evolution of the functionality has been very much in response to what users want, so what we’ve ended up with is a product that is very fully featured to support the requirements that most people have.

Meet Paul Mulvee, Sales

It’s very important that when users login they don’t need training, that’s everything’s obvious during their user journey. That there’s many search and browse mechanisms to make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for but at the same time there’s enough mechanisms for the admin users to promote content so that when users login things they didn’t realise may be useful are presented to them so they can say great this is content and I haven’t thought about and I can use that.

Back to Ross Davidson

Sales in general is never an easy task but it really helps if you’ve got a great product that does half of the job for you

Asset Bank

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