Latest Features April 2016


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Latest features April 2016

So my name's Mike and I'm the product owner here at Asset Bank. My role is to lead the development team, trying to help us constantly improve Asset Bank and deliver a product that helps customers meet their goals.

Autotagger Single Sign-on (SSO)

It's really important for you to get your DAM system up and running quickly without having to create or manage new lists of users and single sign-on is the best approach for that. Asset Bank is already integrated with Google and Microsoft's ADFS. I'm delighted to say we're now integrated with Microsoft's Azure active directory, Onelogin and Okta.

Published lightboxes

Published lightboxes are a great way of sharing assets with people who don't have access to your Asset Bank. We have taken a radical approach to building Published Lightboxes, we've completely rebuilt published lightboxes from the ground up to offer the best user experience to our customers.

User experience enhancements

Let's talk about user experience enhancements to Asset Bank. We've made improvements to saving assets and uploading them, which are two of the key areas of the system.

If you want to get access to any of these new features all you need to do is contact our support team and they'll help you get upgraded.

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