Asset Bank System Requirements

Asset Bank is a flexible web-based digital asset management solution, which will run on most servers and operating systems. If you are aiming to host Asset Bank on your own server then this page explains the system requirements.

Please contact us if you want to discuss the requirements for your server in more detail.

Operating System

  • Asset Bank for Windows
    Asset Bank will run on any Windows Operating System however, for maximum performance we recommend Windows Server 2012 R2 or later.

    A common configuration for Asset Bank on a Windows server is to run IIS (as the web server), MS SQL Server (as the database) and integrate with ADFS or Azure AD for SSO capabilities.

  • Asset Bank for Linux
    Asset Bank will run on any Linux Operating System that supports Java 8, Tomcat 7, and on which ImageMagick can be installed. However, we strongly recommend that either Debian Stable or the latest Ubuntu LTS are used. With these distributions, we can ensure that all necessary packages, including those required for SSO, can be installed from the distribution repositories (not from source) and benefit from security patches and fixes.

Asset Bank can be installed on a Virtual Server, assuming that its OS meets the above criteria.


The server should have at least 8GB of RAM, though we recommend 16GB. As image manipulations (e.g. for generation of thumbnails at upload, or for conversions at download) are memory intensive, you will see significant performance increases if you add more RAM.

Disk Capacity

Your server needs to have enough free disk space to store all of the assets (images/videos/documents) that you intend to add to your repository.

You can configure Asset Bank’s 'Storage Devices' to enable you to store your assets in one or more locations, for example on a disk local to the server, network drives or NAS and SAN devices.

Technical Architecture

For more detailed technical information, about the Web, Application and Database tiers, please see Asset Bank's technical architecture »

Requirements for users

Asset Bank can be accessed using any modern web browser. Users of Internet Explorer must use IE11 or newer. There are no additional requirements for users of the system and no additional software needs to be downloaded.

If you want to find out more about Asset Bank, as a Windows image library or Linux image library, contact us online now