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Video Details

For video assets, you will see a medium-sized image representing the video (i.e. one of the frames of the video). Admin users can choose which frame to use as this preview image when adding or editing the asset.

From here you can play a preview of the video (the default preview length is 20 seconds).  These previews help users decide whether or not they want the entire video clip without having to download the original file in advance, which could be very large.

Note: Video keyword functionality is a Premium Feature, and is available from version 3.1019 of Asset Bank. Premium Features can be purchased separately. (See pricing page.)

If video keywords is enabled in the application's settings and the video has any video keywords, these will be shown in a table below the video preview player: 

If you click on one of the keywords link rows, the video will play from the given time. Video keywords are added to the application's search index, allowing you to search for any videos with a given keyword through quick search (top right 'Search' button) or the 'Advanced Search' page (left menu link to page). Admin users can add or edit video keywords from this page by clicking on the 'Add/Edit video keywords' button.

If batch releases are enabled then when a update user is looking at the view asset page they should see a link that enables them to add the current asset to a batch release. If the asset is already in a batch release then this function enables the user to move the asset to a new batch release. 

Read more about the functionality on any asset details page.