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Search Results

The Search Results page will show the assets that matched the search criteria submitted in your search.

If your search returned more than 20 assets, only the first 20 results will be shown on the first page by default. You can change how many assets are displayed on each page using the 'Results per page' dropdown in the top-right. To see the next page of results simply click 'Next' in the page navigation area at the top or bottom of the page.

You can sort the search results by relevance, popularity or specific attribute value using the 'Sort by' drop downs above the assets:


For example the above selection will sort the assets by how many times they have been downloaded; starting with the asset with the most downloads. This is useful for quickly finding the most popular assets in the system that match your search criteria.

In the list of results you will see summary information about each of the assets, for example its ID, title, short description and a thumbnail. If you hover over any of the thumbnail images a larger version of the image will automatically load and display below.

You can see the full details of an asset by clicking on its thumbnail or on its 'View details' link.


You may select assets individually with the checkbox above each item or clicking 'All' selects all items on the current page of items. 

If you have selected one or more assets there are several actions available in the 'Update' and 'More Actions' drop down lists.


Assuming you have the necessary permissions you can select assets and download them directly from the search results page rather than adding them to your lightbox first.  Links are also provided to select all the assets on the page or all the assets in the category. The setting 'download-selected-limit' defines the maximum number of assets that can be downloaded in this way.

If enabled and you are looking at the results of a quick search you can also run a new search from the search results page. There should be a keywords search box above the search results that enables you to run a new search. If configured, there will also be a more link in the box that enables you to use particular, admin selected, attributes to search with as well.