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Other Document Details

For assets that are of other file formats, if the format is recognised by Asset Bank then the document type's icon will be shown (for example, Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Otherwise, a ‘generic file' icon will be shown.

For PDFs, an image of the first page will be shown, and all the pages will be available for preview as the large image preview. You can prevent users with no download access from viewing all the pages in the preview by changing the setting multi-page-previews-without-download-access to false. If this setting is set to false, users with no download permissions will only be able to view the first page in the preview.  

If batch releases are enabled then when a update user is looking at the view asset page they should see a link that enables them to add the current asset to a batch release. If the asset is already in a batch release then this function enables the user to move the asset to a new batch release.