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My Messages

The My Messages page lists messages for a given logged in user, sorted into the groups Current and Archive. Messages can be sent by the application or an administrator to an asset bank user as an alternative to email. When the page is initially browsed the Current message list is shown:

The message list only shows a summary of each message which gives a message's sender, subject and date. 

Current Messages Group

Current Messages are messages which are new or read. A user can read a Current message which shows the full details of a Message:


The user can archive the message which will move it to the Archive message group.

If the message requires an acknowledgement, then the user will only be able to acknowledge the message by checking the check box and clicking 'Acknowledge' which will then move the message to the Archive messages group:


Archive Messages Group

Archive messages are message which have been archived or acknowledged:


The user can read or delete an archived message. Once a message is deleted it will no longer appear in the Archive messages group list.

Home Page Message Box

If a user has new or read messages then a number (configured by an administrator) of the most recent message summaries are displayed in a box on the Asset Bank home page (once the user has logged in):