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Note: the name of the ‘Lightbox' is configurable, so it may not be called a ‘Lightbox' in your version of Asset Bank. For example it may be called 'My Folder' or 'My Basket'.

Your lightbox is similar to a shopping basket. You can add assets to it from the Search Results, Browse Categories or Asset Details pages.

A summary of your lightbox is displayed on every page in the area 'Lightbox' under the left-hand menu.

To see the details of your lightbox, click on the menu item 'My Lightbox', or click 'View contents' in the 'My Lightbox' area.

The My Lightbox page lists all the assets you have so far added to your lightbox:

For each asset in the list, you can click on thumbnail or 'View details' link to view its full details. Click the link 'Remove', shown under each asset, to remove that asset from your lightbox. If you want to remove all of the assets from your lightbox, click the link 'Remove all assets' shown above the assets.

The assets in your lightbox are grouped by the permissions that you have for those assets:

Ready to download

Assets that you have permission to download are shown at the top of your lightbox. This includes assets that you always have permission to download, and assets for which you have requested and been granted permission. Click the 'Download all' button to download all of these assets, via the Download lightbox page.

Approval required

These assets must be approved by an admin user before you can download them. Click on the button 'Request approval' to request approval from an admin user to download these assets.

Approval rejected

Assets for which you have requested approval to download but your request has not been approved. If the admin user has entered a comment against an asset, for example to explain why approval was not granted, you can view the note by clicking the link 'Approval details'. You can also request approval again by clicking ‘Resubmit'.