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Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'

The home page is the starting point for users of Asset Bank. If public users (those that have not logged in) are allowed access to certain items then the home page is the first page that users will see when they visit the application. Otherwise all users must log in before they see the home page (or any other page in the application).


Screenshot of the Asset Bank homepage

Screenshot of the Asset Bank homepage

Featured Image

The "featured image" is the large image shown towards the top right of the home page. Any image in the system can be shown here (either a single image or one on rotation from a pre-determined set). What appears is managed by an administrator.

Recently Added

The "recently added" panel shows a number of items that have recently been added to Asset Bank, and which the current user has permission to see. Clicking the 'View all' link will take you to a search results page showing you the most recently added assets. 

Promoted Items

Depending on how Asset Bank is configured you may see another list of thumbnails, similar to recently added, called promoted images. These are defined by a system administrator and can be useful for highlighting images of special importance or topicality. Clicking on the "see all promoted images link" will take you to the Promoted Items page, where you will see all the items that have been promoted.

Quick Search

You can perform a "Quick search" from the home page. Simply enter one or more words into the search field and click "Go".

Asset Bank will then search for matches in the metadata of the items (i.e. title, description, author etc.) as well as searching within the contents of textual items (for example Word files). For a more specific search click on the 'Advanced Search ' link. Alternatively you can use a boolean search  to even further specify a search.

Browse Categories (if applicable)

The "browse categories" area shows a list of descriptive categories so that you can browse for items by category. Please note that this feature will not be visible if you can only see one category, or if you are not making use of categories in Asset Bank.

Browse Folders (if applicable)

This area enables you to browse the folders that you have the right to see. Please note that this feature will not be visible if you can only see one folder, or if you are not making use of folders in Asset Bank.