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Downloading an Image

The Download Image page enables you to download either the original image, or a resized and converted version.

Before you download the item you may be asked to select a value in the intended usage dropdown list, to indicate how you intend to use the item. If the usage has sub-usage types then you may need to select those too.

Before preview or download of the asset, you may need to tick a checkbox to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions.

To reduce the size of your download you can tick the checkbox that asks you whether you want to compress your file. This will add your file to a ZIP archive, so you will need the necessary software to unzip it once you have downloaded it.

You may be given the option to send the item via email rather than a direct download. Selecting this option, and clicking the "email now" button will take you to a new page where you can specify the email address(es) to send the item to. You will also be able to add a message to the email and choose whether the item is included as an attachment or simply as a download link in the email. Note, if the attachment is over a pre-determined limit then you may only have the option to send a download link. This has been set up to ensure the intended recipient gets the files as most email accounts cannot accept attachments of a very large size.

Depending on your permissions as a user you will be shown either Quick Download options, Advanced Download options or both:

Quick Download

The quick download tab simply requires you to specify the desired size of the image to be downloaded from a drop down. Depending on your configuration you may be given the option to convert the image to a different colourspace. If you wish to convert the image simply select the desired colourspace.

Advanced Download

The advanced download tab allows you to edit the image before downloading it:


Note: depending on how Asset Bank is configured, you may not see all of these options.

At any stage you can preview your changes to the original image by clicking the "Preview" button.

To download the image in the selected format click the "Download now" button. Your browser will then display a "File download" dialog box, in which you should click the "Save" button in order to save item to your local computer.

Notes to admin users: You can configure whether users see both the Quick and Advanced Download tabs by editing the permissions of the group that the user is in. To do this, go to the Groups section of the Admin area. You can configure masks by going to the Download Options section of the Admin area.