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You can browse the category hierarchy by clicking ‘Browse' in the menu, or by clicking on one of the top-level categories on the home page. The Browse Categories page shows all the items that are in that category, and a list of all the subcategories in that category. If there are more than 20 assets in a particular category then only the first 20 assets will be shown on the first page. As with the Search Results page, you can view the next page of assets in the category by clicking 'Next' in the page navigation area at the top or bottom of the page.

For each of the assets you will see summary information, for example its ID, title, short description and a thumbnail. You can see the full details of the asset by clicking on the thumbnail or the 'View details' link. You can add the asset to your lightbox by clicking 'Add to lightbox', shown next to the asset. If the asset is already in your lightbox then you will see a message 'In lightbox' instead of the 'Add to lightbox' link.

Assuming you have the necessary permissions you can select assets and download them directly from the browse page rather than adding them to your lightbox first.  Links are also provided to select all the assets on the page or all the assets in the category. The setting 'download-selected-limit' defines the maximum number of assets that can be downloaded in this way.

A breadcrumb trail is shown at the top of the page (labelled ‘You are here'): this shows you where you are in the category hierarchy and enables you to quickly navigate back to a higher level.

On the home page and the Browse Categories page a number is shown in brackets after the name of each category. This is the total number of assets in that category (whether in a subcategory of that category or directly in it).


If enabled you can also search within a browse category. There should be a keywords search box above the browse results that enables you to find particular assets within the category you're browsing. If configured, there will also be a more link in the box that enables you to search within the category using particular, admin selected, attributes.  

Browse by Popularity

The Browse by Popularity page enables you to view all the assets in the system in order of popularity (or unpopularity if you select 'Least Viewed Items' or 'Least Downloaded Items'). This is a useful way of gauging the popularity of assets regardless of which category they are in.