General User Help

Welcome to the Asset Bank online help documentation. This document is aimed at non-admin users of Asset Bank and covers all the basic functionality such as logging in, browsing and searching for assets, adding to a lightbox, download, uploading and editing assets, etc.

Please note: depending on the permissions you have as a user, how your Asset Bank is configured and the version of Asset Bank you are using, there may be some variation between the functionality that is described here and that which is available to you.


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  1. Accessing Asset Bank
  2. Home page
  3. My Messages
  4. Searching
  5. Browsing
  6. Asset Details
  7. Downloading Assets
  8. Download
  9. Sharing Assets
  10. Uploading Assets
  11. Updating Assets
  12. Copying Assets
  13. Workbench
  14. Approving Assets
  15. Contact Us