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August 2016 (3.1720)

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Features and Enhancements: August 2016
(Release: 3.1720)

Sitecore Integration

Sitecore is one of the world's leading enterprise Content Management Systems and we are delighted to announce that Asset Bank customers can now easily use their assets when working with Sitecore content.

The new Sitecore integration for Asset Bank allows Sitecore users to browse, search, select and publish Asset Bank images and videos from within Sitecore. Asset Bank assets appear natively in the Sitecore media library, providing Sitecore users with an immediately familiar experience and leaving them to focus on the important job of selecting the right images for their content.

Read more about Sitecore integration.

Enhanced browse and search panels

At the forefront of our user experience changes in this release are the updates to our browse and search panels. We have placed the focus of browse and search around the assets themselves, by increasing the size of the thumbnail previews and increasing the width of the page we have improved the density of assets seen at any given time.

On the panels themselves there are new links to "Add to lightbox" and direct download, which are revealed on hover.

Consistent search and browse actions

We have implemented a new action toolbar which contains actions that can be applied to multiple assets.Users will now see the same consistent actions for both browse and search results pages:

New bulk selector control

The bulk selection controls have been simplified into a neat module which can now support both selecting assets across a folder and also their sub folders.

Quick sorting shortcuts

The sorting options for browse, search and the lightbox now contain a list of shortcut links to quickly arrange your assets.

Advanced sorting options

The existing advanced sorting options are still available by click the 'More...' link on the options bar (as seen above). The visual design has been improved and provides a handy tooltip to show how the assets are being ordered:

Increase in default assets per page view

The options available for browse and search results pages are now consistent. The new default assets per page size is now 60. To change the number of results seen, simply click the options button on either the search or browse pages:

Enhanced empty/default thumbnails

The old default thumbnail icons have been replaced with a more flexible vector graphic that will show the file extension for any file for which a preview cannot be generated - this includes empty assets:

Reworked page headings

Much of the unnecessary space has been removed from the top of the browse and search pages; this allows us to fit more results on the page and make them more readily visible to the user. To keep consistency we have duplicated the changes on the asset detail page:

Larger images on Asset detail pages

We have increased the default size of images on individual Asset pages, bringing higher detail and removing unnecessary white space:

Revamped Asset actions and links

We've reworked the asset detail buttons and links based on analysis of user data. We have kept commonly used actions as buttons and placed the additional functionality into links. To reduce visual noise in this area we have shifted lesser used actions into a dropdown menu under "More...".