Latest features

April 2016 (3.1684)

Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better. Read how to upgrade to all the features on this page.

Features and Enhancements: April 2016 (Release: 3.1684)

Asset Bank product owner Mike Blom rounds-up our latest features.

Automatically tag assets

Autotagger is a new application that enables you to automatically add keyword tags to your assets. It can be used during the initial data migration progress or as an ongoing service. Autotagger is priced at £50 per 10,000 assets processed per month. Read more about Autotagger.

Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Since the release of Microsoft's Azure platform, more and more of our Windows hosting customers are seeking to leverage the power of the enterprise cloud.

We are delighted to announce that Asset Bank is now integrated with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory, their next generation identity and access management solution. This integration allows Asset Bank customers to re-use their existing list of users and groups and provides a seamless login experience and fine-grained control over permissions in Asset Bank. Read this article for more information.

Integration with OneLogin for enterprise Single Sign-On

OneLogin is a leading provider of enterprise class Single Sign-On solutions. Their passion for simple and secure identity and access management has seen them grow rapidly to become one of the industry's leading SSO vendors.

We are delighted to announce that the power of OneLogin has come to Asset Bank. With our OneLogin integration, you can leverage your existing users and groups to provide a seamless Asset Bank login experience and control user permissions. With OneLogin, rolling out Asset Bank to your team couldn't be simpler. Our delivery consultants will work directly with your IT team to help you get setup. For more information please read this article.

Integration with OKTA for flexible Single Sign-On

OKTA provides secure, scalable, and highly available authentication and user management. Their flexible identity and SSO platform is trusted by developers at some of the world's leading organisations.

Asset Bank is now fully integrated with OKTA via the Asset Bank app for OKTA. With this integration, it is now possible to re-use your existing OKTA users and groups to provide your users with instant access to Asset Bank and to control their permissions. Once the initial configuration has been done by our delivery consultants, managing your users can be done exclusively via OKTA. For more information please read this article:

User Experience Enhancements

Our User Experience team are constantly engaging with our users to help make Asset Bank easier and more intuitive to use. Sometimes their work involves large-scale redesigns, but sometimes just a few small changes can make a huge difference in helping our users achieve their goals. Below are a couple of small but powerful changes we have made recently:

  • Improved saved search UX to make it easier to select the correct option
  • Improved buttons and labels to help make uploads simpler