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Sept 2015 (3.1670.7)

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Features and Enhancements: Sept 2015 (Release: 3.1670.7)

Extension of the 'Share' email feature

In the previous release we added a Share button to the asset details page. Allowing a user who has download permission to choose to email the asset directly from Asset Bank to an external recipient. We have now extended this so that it can be used to send multiple assets to external recipients. The 'Share' button is now visible on search results pages, browse pages and from the users' lightbox.

New Share via Facebook option

When sharing a single item that you have permission to download, you now have the option to share via Facebook. This will share a web optimised version directly from Asset Bank to Facebook.

New Folder/Category and Access Level picker

We have updated the user interface for the folder/category and access level picker. This makes it quicker to select the relevant tag either via an expandable folder structure or using an auto-complete finder.

Extended mobile & tablet support

We have extended our mobile device support to include gesture control. It is now possible to swipe through a sequence of assets, pages of search results or pages of assets within a particular category.

Simplified permission pages

We have updated the page that shows which permissions a particular User Group has. It is now much easier to read as labels for options are now displayed in situ, rather than in a separate table.

Simplified upload experience

We have condensed both our Single and Bulk upload pages into one. This way the user will get a consistent upload experience regardless of the number of items they are uploading - this includes an upload progress bar that was previously only shown for multiple uploads.

Bulk actions now more immediate

A user with requisite permissions should be able to act on a set of assets quickly, this includes:

  • Bulk update (to apply global changes to a set of assets)
  • Batch update (to work through a set of assets sequentially, e.g. to apply more metadata)
  • Find & replace (to correct errors in text fields for a set of assets - e.g. a misspelling of a name)
  • Delete

We have made this easier to do by exposing these actions directly on the lightbox, search results and browse pages, making them more accessible to users.

Upload images to news items and other areas

We have extended the functionality offered in the HTML editor that is used when creating News Items or when adding introductory copy to Categories/Folders. You can now upload images from your desktop to use in these communications.

Automatic video thumbnail selection

As a result of customer feedback, we have changed the automatic allocation of the preview thumbnail for videos. Instead of using the first frame (which is very often just black), we now choose a frame that is one second in. Uploaders can of course choose a different frame if they so desire, but this change should increase the chances of the automatic selection being fit for purpose first time.

Arrow key through assets in zoom view

Existing functionality means you can use the keyboards arrow keys to move back and forth through a selection of assets, e.g. in a particular folder or set of search results. This has now been extended so that if you click on an asset on the details page and see it in 'zoom' view, then you can now progress through the sequence whilst staying in this view.

View the assets you have just Bulk Uploaded

When a Bulk Upload has been completed, the uploader can now click a link and be taken through to a set of search results that shows the items they have just added.