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March 2015 (3.1629)

Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better. Read how to upgrade to all the features on this page.

Features and Enhancements: March 2015
(Release: 3.1629)

Updated login, registration and share as link pages

In order to improve the experience for your users we have enhanced these pages by removing extraneous text, re-ordered elements to make them follow best practice conventions and increased the visual quality. We will continue to improve the user interface in future upgrades.

Improved bulk upload workflow

We have improved the user experience of the bulk upload process by removing any unnecessary text, adding a simple ‘clear uploaded files’ link, and emphasised the target area for the drag and drop upload mechanism. We have also made it simpler to resume a bulk upload if returning to it later.
(Note, if you have changed any of the user facing text on this upload page then this will not be removed by the upgrade. You can review this yourselves and delete if necessary.)

New Share by Email Feature

You can already share items by email during the download process. However, in order to make this feature more accessible and visible we have created a ‘Share’ button that appears on the Asset Details page. Currently this only allows the emailing of a copy of the original to your target recipient(s), however this will be extended to offer more sharing options in future releases.
To activate this functionality post upgrade you will need to go to:
Admin > System ‘Asset Share Settings’
Then set ‘Sharing enabled’ to Yes.
Note, currently this functionality does not as yet respect daily download limits or agreements, so do not activate this if you are using this functionality.

Publish Lightbox download display name improvement

We have updated Publish Lightboxes so that the names shown for re-size options reflect the usage type name alone. This is much clearer for the end user.

Audit Log Report Enhancement

The audit log report will now generate results for all transactions within a given date range. You can also download the report as an Excel file, allowing you to order based on deletions for example.