Latest features

April 2015 (3.1638)

Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better. Read how to upgrade to all the features on this page.

Automatic previews extracted from ZIP files

You can now choose to have previews automatically generated for ZIP files you upload. Asset Bank will look inside the ZIP and find the first file it can use to generate a preview (e.g. an image, artwork file, PDF, etc.). This will then act as a visual cue that is generally more helpful to the user compared with a ZIP icon. Find out more.

Improved email templates, with logo option

We have improved the format of the emails generated by Asset Bank. They are now displayed in a nicely formatted HTML template and use better fonts. You can now also configure Asset Bank to include your organisation's logo at the top of each email.

To add your logo, please read the instructions found here:

Admin > Content > Email templates [edit] > "Set the logo image to include in emails"

New content alert email

Users can now choose to subscribe to a 'New content alert' email. An admin user would configure this to run daily or weekly at a given time of the day. When run, users who have subscribed will get an automatic email notification if new content has been uploaded that they have permission to see. This is a great way for users to stay up to date.

Admin users can configure the frequency via:

Admin > System > "New Content Notification Settings"

Admin users can also decide of all new users should have this set by default. Finally, users themselves can opt in/out via their profile page.

Improved pagination

The pagination controls have been updated, with larger hit states (especially relevant for mobile and tablets) and improved styling.