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September 2014 (3.1601.10)

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Features and enhancements: September 2014 (Release: 3.1601.10)

Published Filepath Templates

Building on Asset Bank's existing publishing functionality, we are delighted to announce that you now have fine-grain control over where Asset Bank puts published files, and the filenames that it generates. Using the powerful 'Free Marker' templating language, you can define a custom 'Filepath Template' for each of your publishing actions which will ensure that Asset Bank puts your published files exactly where you want them and with the filename that you want.

For more information, check out our updated publishing help page.

Group List Item Overrides

Group-specific content item overrides: for many of the paragraphs and labels you see across Asset Bank you can create an override on a per-group basis. This would allow you, for example, to display different welcome text for users in different groups. This feature supports multi-language Asset Banks so you can provide translations of overrides where appropriate.

For more information, check out - Group List Item Overrides.

Published lightbox terms & conditions

It is now possible to require users to agree to your terms and conditions before downloading assets from a published lightbox.

For more information, see our updated Publish Lightbox help pages.

Usage types for published lightboxes

In response to feedback from our customers, we have extended the published lightbox functionality to support the selection of specific usage types when downloading. Simply put, this feature allows users to choose a size when downloading assets from a published lightbox.

For more information, see our updated Publish Lightbox help pages.

Groups as approvers for workflows

It is now possible to choose which groups of users can approve assets at different stages in the approval process. This provides admin users with fine grain control over their Asset Bank workflow.

For more information, see our updated Workflows help pages.

Crop-to-fit for direct link cache images

Building on the existing 'Direct Link Cache' functionality, it is now possible to choose whether or not to crop an asset when resizing it. If you choose not to crop the asset, it will be scaled and a background colour will be added to ensure that the image is the requested size.

For more information, please see our updated Direct Link Cache help pages.

HTML5 slideshow

You can now have your embedded slideshows in HTML5 instead of flash. This improves the slideshow's compatibility with devices that don't support flash (like the iPad).

The setting to make use of this new functionality is: use-html5-slideshows=true

Improved duplicate check algorithm

Asset Bank’s ‘duplicate check’, which runs when an asset is uploaded, has been improved so that rather than comparing filenames and file size of assets, to determine if it considers them to be duplicates, it can now use perceptual hashes.

This means that the duplicate check will find images that are differently sized versions of the image being uploaded, and will also be tolerant to minor changes made to the image.