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June 2014 (3.1581)

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Features and enhancements: June 2014 (Release: 3.1581)

New Asset Bank Homepage Design

We have a new homepage design option that is more visually led. You can have a few different featured images or videos and these will change when a user next visits the homepage (or refreshes their browser). Recently added, promoted items, and promoted collections (featured saved searches) are now all shown in strips across the width of the site.

Have a look at the new homepage.

CMS Integration Module Enhancement

The Asset Bank CMS Integration Module has now been extended to allow for the retrieval of videos and other file types from Asset Bank to the calling CMS.

Read more about our CMS Integration Module.

Group Selection on the Registration Page

You can now easily configure user group selection to be visible on the registration page, allowing potential users to let you know what groups they should be a member of. This can be set up to only list the groups you are happy to display, can be mandatory and can allow single or multiple selection options.

The relevant settings for this are:


Combined with the 'Users can select group on registration' checkbox that can be activated for the groups of your choice via:
Admin > Groups > GroupInQuestion [edit]

Independent Ordering of Attributes on View and Edit Pages

You can now order attributes differently on the view and edit pages. There is now a separate list for each of these that allow you to drag and drop to re-order. This gives admin users greater flexibility.

Re-run Metadata Extraction on Selected Attributes

This is our first Crowd Funded Feature. Now admin users can choose to re-run metadata extraction on select attributes only. This is quicker and avoids the potential issue of embedded data overwriting new information that has since been entered into Asset Bank.