Latest features

January 2014

Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better. Read how to upgrade to all the features on this page.

Features and enhancements added in January 2014

Enhanced Searching within Categories or Search Results

You can now set up a drop down of key attributes to allow users to quickly run more precise searches in the category they are in. This is also available for search results, making it easier to find something specific in a large result set. When configured a ‘more’ drop down will appear at the end of the search box. Clicking in this will reveal the attributes you can use to refine your search.

The attributes that appear in this list are configured using the 'Search results filter' display attribute group. To change the selected attributes go to: 'Admin > Attributes > Display Attributes > Searching > Search results filter'

and add, remove or reorder attributes in the list.

Quickly Download Multiple Files from Search or Browse Pages

You can now enable users with download original permission to select assets on the search results page, or category they are browsing, and download them directly. Users will also be able to select and download ‘All’.

To enable this functionality you need to set the following in the settings file:

The value set will be the maximum amount of assets a user can select and download at once. We recommend that this is set to 100-200 to prevent too much memory usage or load on the server from download conversion.

Add an Internal Description Field to a Menu Item

You can now add a description to new menu items you create (pages or links to other site). This is useful as it allows you to record why you set them up initially, go to: Admin > Content > Menu Items

New Report to Show Email Activity

Asset Bank now maintains an audit log of all emails sent by the application (for the last 90 days by default). This audit log can be viewed using the Sent Emails report, which is accessed via: Admin > Reports > System

You can stipulate a date range to view only emails sent within those dates. You can then view the details of each email. Note, if there were attachments, then the file names will be listed (the files themselves are not stored in the audit log for space reasons).

This feature is enabled by default via the setting:

Log entries are kept for 90 days by default, but this can be changed via the setting:

New Active Sessions Report

Administrators can now determine who is currently using their Asset Bank, for example so they know how many users would be affected if they needed to restart the server.

This new report can be accessed via: Admin > Reports > System
It shows the currently active sessions, sorted with the most recently active at the top. You can show logged in users only by ticking the relevant checkbox and clicking Update Report. (Note, if your Asset Bank has a Public view, then users could be active but not logged in.)

To control the number of sessions shown on the report page, use the setting:

This is set to 100 by default. If this is set to 0 then the report is disabled.

Improved User Import - Auto Generate Welcome Email

When importing a list of users you can now get Asset Bank to automatically send a welcome email and a secure link that will allow the user to create their password.

To achieve this, tick the following box on the import users screen: ‘Email New Users'.

List Groups Alphabetically

In addition to being able to reorder groups by dragging them to your preferred position in the list, you can also now quickly put the groups in alphabetical order by clicking on ‘Reorder alphabetically’ on the Manage Groups page.
Admin > Groups
The order on this page will affect how groups appear in lists and drop downs throughout the application.

Features and enhancements added in December 2013

Bulk & Batch Update direct from browse or search results

You can now instigate a bulk/batch update directly from a browse category (and specify whether to include just items at that level, or recursively down from that point), as well as from a search results page.

Access workbench when browsing assets

You now have the option to 'edit in workbench' when browsing assets in a category. This makes it consistent with the search results page.

Additional Reports

You can now extract a list of users by the date they registered so that you can monitor how many new users there have been in a specified date range.

To use this report, go to: Admin -> Reports -> Audit Reports -> User Registration Report

Asset Bank also now provides a record of download requests submitted by your users and the information they gave when requesting the assets.

To use this report, go to: Admin -> Reports -> Usage Reports -> Reason for download by asset and user

Publish Lightbox Enhancements

If lightbox publishing is enabled on your Asset Bank then there are several new features available to you:

  1. Email the link and optional message directly from Asset Bank
    From the ‘Manage Lightbox’ page, click on ‘Email this link...’ to reveal a dialog where you can enter a comma-separated list of email addresses and an optional message to include in the email.

  2. Control which user groups can publish a lightbox
    You can now decide which user groups have the access to the Publish Lightbox functionality. This can be accessed via: Admin > Groups > UserGroup [edit]
    "Users can publish their asset box"

    Note, if this is ticked for the Logged in Users Group, then all users in the system will be able to publish their lightbox as every registered user is a member of this group.

  3. Enforce a global expiry date for published lightboxes
    Admin users can now set up a global expiry date offset (e.g. 30 days from today), to ensure that all published lightboxes expire within this given period. Users can still set expiry dates sooner than this, but will be prevented from setting expiry dates greater than this.

    This can be set via: Admin > Publishing > Lightbox Publishing Actions > "Update Lightbox publishing settings"

  4. Add global introductory text to all published lightboxes
    This can be set via: Admin > Content > Published Assetbox Copy > Snippet: Introduction text.

    For example, you may wish to include your terms and conditions for the use of your assets. Please note that any lightboxes currently published when the feature is introduced will need to be republished in order for the new text to be shown.

Video support for .MTS files

Asset Bank now includes standard video support (thumbnail generation and embedded previews) for the .MTS file format.

Intelligent Validation

Users will now get a warning if they start to type in a password with Caps Lock on.

If a user selects an asset to be added to a category, but fails to click ‘add’, their attention is now drawn to this. They can then add and continue, or continue without adding.