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April 2014 (3.1562)

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Features and enhancements: April 2014 (Release: 3.1562)

Drag and Drop HTML5 Upload

The main Bulk Upload page now uses HTML5 (though falls back to the previous
upload method if this is not supported on your browser). This is an
improved method (working reliably even if you use proxy servers) and also
allows users to drag and drop files into the upload area.

Drag and Drop to Lightbox Strip

With the lightbox in expanded mode (so that it appears as a strip along the
bottom of your screen) you can now drag and drop assets onto it.

Perform More Actions from Browse and Search Results

When reviewing search or browse results you can now check the boxes thatappear on each asset panel and perform some actions. Action available wedepend on your permissions and include download, add to lightbox, removefrom lightbox, bulk update, batch update and edit in workbench.

Easily Re-order Saved Searches

You can now use drag and drop to re-order Saved Searches.
More about Featured Searches.

Items by Popularity Report Extended

You can review items by popularity at the bottom of the following page:
Admin > Reports > Asset Reports (tab)
You can now also view a report, export matching asset metadata andoptionally mark assets for deletion.

Schedule Audit Reports

Both "User Login" and "User Registration" Audit Reports can now bescheduled. These can be set up to be emailed to recipient groups eitherdaily, weekly or monthly.

You can find these reports here:
Admin > Reports > Audit (tab)

Main Usage Reports now with Additional Options

When running usage reports you can now get the results in ascending orderand optionally limit the result set to either matching categories, ormatching access levels.