Latest features

October 2013

Continuous development means Asset Bank just keeps getting better. Read how to upgrade to all the features on this page.

Features and enhancements added in October 2013

HTML5 slideshow

You can now have your embedded slideshows in HTML5 instead of flash. This improves the slideshow's compatibility with devices that don't support flash (like the iPad).

The setting to make use of this new functionality is: use-html5-slideshows=true

Improved duplicate check algorithm

Asset Bank’s ‘duplicate check’, which runs when an asset is uploaded, has been improved so that rather than comparing filenames and file size of assets, to determine if it considers them to be duplicates, it can now use perceptual hashes.

This means that the duplicate check will find images that are differently sized versions of the image being uploaded, and will also be tolerant to minor changes made to the image.

For example, if "penguin.tif" is already in Asset Bank and you upload "nature.jpg", you'll be informed that it appears to be a duplicate of an existing image.

The setting to make use of this new functionality is: duplicate-asset-check-type=perceptual

Read more about duplicate asset detection

Refreshed UI

The UI team at Asset Bank are constantly striving to deliver fresh and more usable UI throughout the application. Here are some areas we have improved upon in this release:

  • New, improved search box style.
  • Larger default thumbnail sizes throughout the application.
  • Adding responsive layout behaviour to asset detail page and browse and search results pages.
  • New setting to always show icons instead of bullet points for categories.
  • New iconography introduced to the application.
  • New, consistent layout of checkboxes and radio buttons to fix multiple alignment issues.
  • Image hover preview now also found on lightbox page.
  • Updates to style guide to make more comprehensive.
  • Multiple minor layout fixes for tablet users.

Take a look at the Asset Bank demo to see the UI improvements above.

More flexible news items

News items can now be linked to access levels, so that only users who can see a particular access level will also be able to see a particular news item. This means you can effectively have different conversations with different groups of users.

In addition, you can now also stipulate a category (or categories) for the news item to appear in. The news item will then appear at the top of the page when you browse into the relevant category. Note the news item will also appear on the homepage

Read more about news items

More control over sensitive PDF assets

Currently you can preview each page of a PDF assets in Asset Bank via the ‘Large image popup’ link on the asset details page. This is possible even if you do not have download permission for the asset on question. You can now configure Asset Bank so that users who don’t have download permission can only preview the first page instead.

The setting to make use of this new functionality is: multi-page-previews-without-download-access=false

NB: The following setting needs to be set to 'true' for the above to work:


Restrict the visibility of Featured Assets

Featured assets appear in the top right of the Asset Bank homepage. In the latest version of Asset Bank these are now only displayed to users who can see the particular access level it is in. This way you can have different sets of featured assets that different groups of users can see.