Document Storage Software

With Asset Bank's document storage solution you can store, share and manage all your documents. 

Though images are typically the most common digital asset companies want to manage, Asset Bank's document system can help you manage any file you can think of, from videos and presentations to databases to word documents.

Key features of our document archive software

Created bespoke to your needs

Having developed document storage systems for over 400 different organisations we know that you will have some unique needs for your library. Asset Bank is feature rich but also highly configurable. We have a proven team of developers who can easily tailor our software to suit your individual storage and management needs. Pretty much all aspects of Asset Bank can be customised.

Easily find a document

Probably the most important aspect of our document library service is that all your colleagues and suppliers can quickly and easily find the document they need. Our system's features include; browse by category, quick and advanced search, and search by GIS location. You can also create saved searches or recommended searches.

Control access to documents

With Asset Bank as your solution you can set up a number of different user groups and control how they can access your documents. You can control what they access and what they can download. You can also choose to approve before they download as well. With your internal users you can also determine what they can upload, edit or download.


There are a number of storage options available for your document library. It can be stored on your server's local hard disk or in the cloud via Amazon's S3 storage, which is scalable, reliable and great value. 

Enterprise scale

We have proven experience with some of the largest organisations in the world. This means Asset Bank is ready made for large organisations and our Enterprise software comes with features including; multilingual versions, LDAP integration, API's, CMS integration and organisation units.

Premium features

In addition to our Standard and Enterprise document management systems, there is an option to add additional features such as; document editor plug-in, video keywording, and presentation builder. We are always adding to this list so please contact us to discuss any other features you have in mind.

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