Sharing a Lightbox with other staff

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Hi. We are going to look at sharing a lightbox with other users. Lets log in first.

I've already created a lightbox called ‘New Brochure'. This is where I'll add the assets I want to share with a colleague. So now let's add some assets to this lightbox.

And then visit the lightbox page. We can now use this share link to give other users access to this selection. So I click on this. And then click on add users. I then use this finder to look for users that I want to add. Here I am looking for John Smith.

I select him. Then send an optional email notification, letting him know I've shared this lightbox with him. And finally, I can decide if I want to allow him to be able to add or remove items from this shared lightbox. I then click add and John will receive the email. Now let's find John via the admin console and log in as him. We can see that my ‘New Brochure' lightbox is now visible from his account. And that's how to share a lightbox with a colleage.

Thanks for listening.