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As part of an initial data migration, Asset Bank can automatically ingest a folder structure and create a category structure to match. Placing the assets into the correct locations. It can also extract any useful embedded metadata such as keywords, and this data is then searchable.Users with upload permission see an upload menu item. This includes single or bulk upload.

Users can drag and drop or browse to files. Choosing from different types if relevant. Users select some files, then press next to proceed. Step one of bulk upload is to add common metadata to the set of files. For example, some common keywords using auto-complete or via the keyword chooser. If relevant, an expiry date can also be set. And when reached, the system will automatically mark these assets as expired. Hiding these from all normal users an optionally sending an email notification to specific groups.

The user can now select a category and add a permission tag. And optionally promote or link the items together. The upload has completed and Asset Bank has identified a potential duplicate. Asset Bank can match based on visual contents, here matching a small PNG with an original TIFF file. The user decides to delete the duplicate item.

The user can now step through the items individually to add in unique metadata. We can see the metadata from step one, but can now add in additional information. The bulk upload has now completed. The new asset appears in the recently added area.

Upload features include An ingest of whole folder structure for initial migrations Auto-extraction of useful embedded metadata, Single and Bulk upload Auto-complete keyword picker, Activation or expiry dates (including email triggers) and perceptual duplicate detection