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Search offers auto-complete suggestions based on tags you have already added, And the results it presents includes matches it find in any metadata field or even file contents such as Word or PDF.

There is also a stemming algorithm that takes care of plurals and matches words like 'smile' with 'smiling' to return all relevant matches. Advanced search allows you to enter specific criteria for more precise searching. This includes the ability to limit results based on date ranges. You can also choose to limit results based on attributes or file contents too.

Search builder is useful for very large collections, giving you the ability to combine search statements. Users can create saved searches and view their search history.

Finally, users can browse into a category and choose to search just within this. Search features include: Auto-complete suggestions based on existing tags, Matching on the contents of files such as Word or PDF, An algorithm that takes care of plurals and presents other relevant matches, Advanced search and search builder, Saved searches and search history And searching within categories.