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Quick download allows users to select from useful presets, these can be configured at anytime by admin users and this includes which groups can see them; so users can choose an option for print or a web ready version for example. And here various sizes are also made available. The result in this case is an RGB jpeg that's been scaled proportionally to the required size.

Pre-sets can include crop to fit for exact image sizes here the shape of the crop tool is constrained to the dimensions required allowing the user to select the right area. The result here as a file with the exact dimensions that were required.

Advanced download options can also be given to user groups allowing them to choose their own convertion options. Crop without constraints and choose they're own resize dimensions.

The share feature allows users to email assets externally and the recipient receives branded email with a link to the file.

Download and share features include:

Image conversion on download configurable download presets advanced options such as crop and re-size email links to files externally regardless of file size and you can view our lightboxes video to see how groups of assets can be shared internally or externally