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You can choose to add images as thumbnails to categories, to help communicate their contents and the category structure itself is fully flexible, allowing you to create as many levels
as needed.

The category names are also searchable metadata for the assets, and you can click on these from the details page to see other assets in the same category. Other browse options include browse by controlled keywords. Here finding all assets tagged with smiling.

Users can also browse by popularity, allowing them to view the most or least popular assets The homepage also displays a recently added stream of content, as well as collections that have been promoted by the admin users.

Finally, site wide filters can also be configured to help users browse and search on a more limited set of assets. Browse features include

  • A fully flexible category structure
  • Browsing by controlled keywords for extra discover-ability Browse by most and least popular assets
  • Recently added assets and other promoted collections
  • Metadata links to other similar assets
  • Configurable site-wide filters